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Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social


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1. ¿A través de qué medio se enteró de la Audiencia Pública del Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social?

How To Impress Women

2. ¿Las respuestas a las inquietudes planteadas en la audiencia pública fueron claras?


¿Por qué?


3. La logística desarrollada por el Ministerio para lograr su participación en este espacio fue:


¿Por qué?.


4. ¿Cómo califica la utilidad del video streaming (video por internet)?


¿Por qué?-


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Goes without saying: When you have something that women want, being nice is the last thing you have to be.

But your penis is not on display. Is caddish behavior a way of advertising penis size?

So I’m lost. Large penises are desirable for most women?

The only scenario where dark triad men would lose is if they were “booted out” before they were actually banging the women. A series of STRs that involve piv sex is not remotely a bad outcome for an individual male even if it is a disaster for everyone else.

Even narcissists try to have relationships. They’re not islands, they need to feed off other people, and they want regular sources of validation in their lives. They often make commitments and marry. One study showed that they actually get cheated on as much as they cheat, because they make their partners so miserable.

I read yesterday that Tucker Max has announced he’s retiring from casual sex. He’s 36, and he says he wants a normal life. Pity the woman who appears in his crosshairs – I can’t imagine a worse bet for marriage.

 362 Jesus Mahoney January 25, 2012 at 8:16 am
I think I read somewhere that those who went into the water on the Titanic lived for only 15 minutes. Or was that in the movie? :P

lol. Idk. As odd as it may sound, I’ve never seen the movie. I may have a romantic streak, but I’m not really a fan of romance.

But I’ve been reading a lot about subjecting the body to extreme cold ever since I read The 4 Hour Body. Apparently, it’s possible to go for more than an hour encased in ice if you know how to do it and have enough practice. I read a blog post from a Navy Seal who did the 20 minute bit and he attributed his success to the fact that he was used to prolonged exposure to cold water having been a surfer. But for the average person, 20 minutes in those conditions would be dead or close to it.

 363 Jesus Mahoney January 25, 2012 at 8:18 am
I read yesterday that Tucker Max has announced he’s retiring from casual sex. He’s 36, and he says he wants a normal life.
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