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 The Points of Drogas La Rebaja Will Be Primary Care Centers

Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social > English > The Points of Drogas La Rebaja Will Be Primary Care Centers

In Aracataca, the president spoke about the changes in the health system and the transformation of these physical points.

Press release Press Release No. 532, 2022

Aracataca, Magdalena, November 3, 2022. President Gustavo Petro made important announcements around primary care centers and care teams at the launch of the Preventive and Predictive Health Program led by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.


"We will reach up to 20,000 medical teams, which is worth $5 trillion pesos," said the president, adding that "10 Primary Care Centers must be built throughout Colombia."


The first ones, he explained, "were handed over by the mafia when the justice system expropriated them, that is, they extinguished the ownership of property of a series of companies that they used for laundering dollars."


All the pharmacy dispensaries of Drogas La Rebaja, which are in all the municipalities "and without deteriorating the conditions of the people who work there today, go to the Ministry of Health to serve in this program, that is, they become Primary Care Centers, places of reference for medical teams."


In addition, these places will have medical care and sale of medicines as it is now, "and the two laboratories for the production of generic medicines will become the property of the Ministry of Health to develop the Colombian production of vaccines and generics there that will allow us to lower the cost of medicines in Colombia," he assured in a speech that was accompanied by a torrential downpour.


"It is worth $5 trillion; it is one of the most valuable programs from a budgetary point of view, which if the Tax Reform is approved, will begin to rule starting next year and gradually more, but it has a counterpart and that is that hundreds of lives, thousands of lives of women, children, girls, of people, could be rescued, perhaps saved, precisely because this health system prevents the disease before it occurs, and can correct or attend to it early on."


"This is what I call Colombia, a world power of life. The health system has to generate life in Colombia and not death, and for it to generate life it has to be a right. If it generates death it must be a business. Therefore, here we are going to correct the past and begin what we have called health in Colombia, a health that generates life in a Colombia that is a world power of life," closed President Petro before nearly 6,000 people who packed the school facilities and the street despite the weather conditions, and waited until the end.



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