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Profile of the deputy ministers

Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social > English > Profile of the deputy ministers

​Luis Alexander Moscoso

Deputy Minister of Public Health and Service Provision

​María Andrea Godoy

Deputy Minister of Social Protection


Luis Alexander Moscoso, a surgeon from Universidad de Caldas and a specialist in Social Security from Universidad Externado de Colombia, had also pursued specialized studies in Health Services Management from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Senior Management from the Universidad de los Andes and Health Economics and Management from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain).


He has conducted research on health services access and costs, social security systems in the world, health hiring systems, financing, insurance, and other health matters.


Professionally, he was working as Secretary of Health of Barranquilla but had served as manager of Bienestar IPS, advisor to the Fiscal Support department of the Ministry of Finance, advisor to the High Council for the Regions and Citizen Participation, consultant to the United Nations (UNDP), and interim mayor of Barranquilla in 2011, among other positions.

María Andrea Godoy, attorney, is the Deputy Minister of Social Protection, who now joins the work team of Minister Fernando Ruiz.


Her previous professional challenge was in the Legal Advisory Office of the National Superintendency of Health. She has extensive experience in the sector, with over 20 years in management of insurance companies such as Famisanar, Sanitas and Colsanitas.


She holds a master's degree in Health Administration and a specialization in Administrative Law.


The new deputy minister, originally from Bogota, will take on challenges such as the continuance of the Final Point Agreement (the National Government's major commitment to bring past due health accounts up to date) and leading the mechanisms for sustainability and Colombians' right to health such as assurance, maximum budgets, maximum recovery values, exclusions and financing.

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