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 Ministry of Health and Social Sectors Discuss Monkeypox

Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social > English > Ministry of Health and Social Sectors Discuss Monkeypox

The panorama of the country and the region was presented, defining a work agenda for the rest of the year.

Press release Press Release No. 540, 2022

Bogotá DC, November 12, 2022. The Ministry of Health and Social Protection met this Friday afternoon with social sectors and community leaders, with the aim of presenting the panorama and behavior of monkeypox in the country. It was also made clear that the country continues to advance in the negotiation to access vaccines.


Important to highlight is that this type of space will continue, where direct dialogue with social groups will make it possible to learn of the different opinions and to fine-tune strategies focused on promotion and prevention, such as explaining symptoms, what to do in case of identifying symptoms and seek isolation to avoid contacts.


The Ministry raised the possibility of establishing a permanent working group with the different social sectors, with the aim of working together on strategic public health issues.


At this meeting, the Ministry highlighted that it is advancing in the negotiation for the procurement of vaccines, making it clear that, although vaccination is important, it is complementary and therefore it is important to promote self-care measures.


Therefore, he called attention to strengthening the work articulated with territorial entities, the Administrative Entities of Benefit Plans (EAPB), the social sectors and international cooperation.


Finally, the Ministry makes it clear that it is open to debate and dialogue.



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