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 Comfaguajira EPS Users Will Be Transferred to Eight EPSs

Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social > English > Comfaguajira EPS Users Will Be Transferred to Eight EPSs

Starting November 17, a total of 273,029 enrollees of Comfaguajira EPS going through liquidation will be transferred to eight EPSs.

Press release Press Release No. 542, 2022

 Bogotá D.C., November 12, 2022. The Ministry of Health and Social Protection assigned 273,029 enrollees of Comfaguajira EPS in liquidation to eight (8) EPSs which will continue securing the fundamental right to health of Colombians, guaranteeing quality, timeliness and health care for enrollees and their families.


The transfer complies with the mandate by the National Superintendency of Health, on Resolution 2022320000007627-6 dated November 3, 2022, and abides by the provisions of Decree 1424, 2019 modified by Decree 709, 2021.


The distribution of enrollees is as follows:


NUEVA EPS3,07853,68456,762
E.P.S. SANITAS2,16443,68445,848
ANAS WAYUU EPSI934,02334,032
SALUD TOTAL63610,78511,421
A.I.C. EPSI27,5497,551


Health guarantee


The people covered by this transfer will be able to know their assigned EPS by accessing


This consultation will inform them of the network of health services provided by each receiving EPS, and they will be able to update their contact information.


In order to facilitate access to health services, it is necessary for the contributing member or head of the household to contact the assigned EPS and update their basic data and the data of their family group.


It is important to note that, for this transfer process, the Ministry has ordered the receiving EPSs to guarantee care for all patients, but with special emphasis on patients with high-cost illnesses, pregnant mothers, hospitalized patients, and people suffering from chronic illnesses.


In the event that users are not satisfied with the EPS to which they were assigned, they may change, if they so decide, starting on February 15, 2023.


Finally, a call is made to the Health Offices in the respective territories, and the National Superintendence of Health to ensure that the receiving EPSs guarantee continuity in the provision of services to assigned users and that service providers do not create access barriers for care.


In order to address any doubts and concerns, the National Health Superintendency has enabled the national toll-free line 018000513700, available 24 hours a day. Additionally, the following is available during office hours:


  • Virtual chat on the National Health Superintendency website:


  • Ministry of Health and Social Protection telephone lines 330-5043 (Bogotá) or 018000960020 (rest of the country).



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