Alejandro Gaviria Uribe
Alejandro Gaviria Uribe took office as the new Minister of Health and Social Protection before the President of the Republic, Juan Manuel Santos Calderon, on September 3, 2012.
Throughout his career, Gaviria has served, among others, as deputy director of National Planning, Deputy Director and Research Associate of Fedesarrollo (center for economic and social research), and researcher in Washington for the Inter-American Development Bank.
The new Minister holds a PhD in Economics from the University of California (USA) and MA in Economics from the Universidad de Los Andes. When he accepted his appointment as Minister of Health and Social Protection, Gaviria was serving as Dean of the School of Economics at the Universidad de Los Andes.
- PhD in Economics, University of California, San Diego (1998)
- MA in Economics, Universidad de los Andes, Bogota (1993)
- Civil Engineer, School of Engineering of Antioquia, Medellin (1987)

- Dean of the Universidad de Los Andes, School of Economics, Bogota (2006)
- Associate Professor at the Universidad de Los Andes, School of Economics (2004 - 2006)
- Deputy Director of the National Planning Department (2002 - 2004)
- Deputy Director of Fedesarrollo (2001 - 2002)
- Research Associate of Fedesarrollo (2000-2001)
- Researcher for the Inter-American Development Bank, Research Department, Washington DC (1998-2000)
- Head of Division, National Planning Department, Bogotá (1993-1994)
- Junior Researcher of the National Federation of Coffee Growers, Bogotá (1992-1993)
- Civil Engineer of Suramericana Insurance Company, Medellin (1987-89)
Other activities
- Columnist, El Espectador newspaper
- Member of the Board of Directors of Bancolombia and ISAGEN
- Member of the editorial board of El Espectador
- Panelist for Hora20
Academic and Professional Honors
- Portfolio Award for Best Teacher 2010
  Granted annually to the best economics professor in Colombia
- Simon Bolivar Award for Journalism 2009
   Awarded annually for the best op-ed article in Colombia
- Juan Luis Londoño Medal of Honor 2005
   Delivered bi-annually to the most prominent Colombian economist under age 40.
- Alfred P. Sloan Grant 1997-1998
  New Jersey, United States
- Lauchin Currie Scholarship 1994-1998
- Banco de la Republica, Bogota, Colombia.
- School of Economics Scholarship
  Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia 1990-1991
Papers published
- Consumption in Colombia: A Review of the Empirical Evidence (with Carlos E. Posada) Coyuntura Económica, Vol. XXII, No. 4, (in Spanish).
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Books written and edited
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