Did you know that Health Care Reform
·         Ensures enrollmentin the health care system for all who live in Colombia; it nationalizes care, that is, from the year 2013 all of us will be covered throughout the country by only presenting our identity card, regardless of our place ofbirth.
·         Makes the health care system fairer, because allColombians will receive the same benefits; and we will be able to enjoy the same health plan, without discrimination.
·         Orders conducting a comprehensive update of the benefits plan before December 31, 2011 and thereafter, an updateevery two years to respond to the needs and scientific and technological advances and studies,therefore ensuringthe provision ofquality services.
·          Allows us to choose the EPS (healthcare agency) we like the most.
·         Establishes that the EPSs (healthcare agencies) will need to enrollus,regardless of past or present diseases.
·         Prohibits theEPSs to fines us for failure to attend scheduledappointments.
·         Offers freephysical and mentalhealth services to all women victims of physical or sexual violence.
·         Protects us so that when we moveintoformalemployment, we continue enjoying the benefits of the subsidized health System and the SISBEN (Beneficiary Id. System).
·          Reducespaperwork for enrollmentand for access to health services to which we are entitled.
·         Gives us the opportunity to access unemployment benefits for some time, and to receive re-employment training, if we become unemployed. 
·         Offers us service andenrollmentinto asubsidized system EPS to cover our medical expenses,if at any time we are not in a health care system and have no payment capability to cover our care.
·         Establishes special benefits for children, ensuring effective prevention, early detection and proper treatment of the diseases afflicting them.
·         Mandatesfree services for our children, regardless of the systemin which they are enrolled, if they are victims of physical or sexual violence.
·         Orders the EPSs (healthcare agency) and ISPs (healthcare provider) to inform the authorities of possible negligence of the parents or adults responsible for the care of children and adolescents.
·         Demands that the EPSs and ISPs report to the Attorney General’s Office when they detect signs of physical or psychological abuse or sexual violence in a patient.
·         Aims for the user to receive all health services, such as doctor’sappointments, diagnostic tests and drug purchases, in one place and in a coordinated manner, so users need not go from one place to another wasting time and money.
·         Strengthens penalty, control and monitoring of health providers and insurers to guarantee better quality service.
·         Strengthens health promotion and disease prevention through Basic Health Teams visiting families in their homes to diagnose, educate, prevent, and promoteenrollment and the provision of basic services.
Remember that any irregularitymay be reported to the National Health Superintendence Office through the national hotline 01800-051-3700 or the website www.supersalud.gov.co