1317327767_FAQ.png FAQ: yellow fever vaccine
When should I get vaccinated?

At least 10 days prior to departure

How many doses are needed?

A single dose subcutaneously or intramuscularly

Is a booster needed?

It must be applied every 10 years

What reaction can occur?

Sometimes mild reactions may occur such as fever, muscle pain and headache. If fever persists you should consult your doctor.

Who should not get vaccinated?

Children under 11 months and persons older than 60 years old
During pregnancy
Immune depressed persons
People allergic to eggs
Patients with diseases or removal of the thymus (miastheniagravis, thymoma, timectomiao DiGeorge syndrome)
In these cases see a doctor for evaluation

The physician should assess the individual risk for children under 9 months and pregnant women. If yellow fever vaccination is contraindicated for medical reasons, it will be necessary to carry a medical certificate of exemption issued by the attending physician.