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Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social

INS Launches Book on Its One Hundred Years

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 INS Launches Book on Its One Hundred Years

Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social > INS Launches Book on Its One Hundred Years

Alejandro Gaviria, Minister of Health; Martha Ospina, INS director; Luis Carlos Ballén, Secretary of 4/72; Gautier Mignot, Ambassador of France, and Carlos Dáguer, author of Vigilantes de la Salud, present the stamp emission commemorating 100 years of the INS.

Press release 089, 2108


Press Release No. 089, 2018

- Minister Alejandro Gaviria accompanied the entity in the closing event of the commemorative centennial activities.

- Video: Minister Alejandro Gaviria in the launching of the book "Vigilantes de la Salud" of INS.

 Bogotá, July 31, 2018. The presentation of a book about the history of the National Institute of Health (INS), the launch of the commemorative one-hundred-year stamp and the exhibition of a collection of historical pieces closed the cycle of activities developed to celebrate the centenary.

The event took place on July 25 at the Institute facilities, and was attended by leaders and representatives of the health sector. The highlight of the evening was the conversation of the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Alejandro Gaviria, with Carlos Dáguer, Adviser to the Minister's Office and author of the book Health Watchers: a century of history of the National Institute of Health.

The book's five chronicles tell the history of the entity, including previous events that later became part of it.

The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 and the role of founders Bernardo Samper and Jorge Martínez in identifying the causes of the infection; vaccination against smallpox and its eradication; the Rockefeller Foundation contributions in the fight against yellow fever; the implementation of the National Basic Rural Sanitation Plan in the 70s and 80s; and the recent achievements in epidemiological surveillance are the five key moments used in Vigilantes de la Salud to deliver a complete vision of the Institute's achievements and contributions to the country.

"This book tells this story, based on a series of chronicles, which are sometimes prosaic, sometimes heroic, of the increase in the years lived," Minister Alejandro Gaviria said at the beginning of the conversation. More specifically, the book tells the story of the main protagonists of public health in Colombia, who–almost without exception–passed through the National Institute of Health.

Besides the chronicles, the 236 pages of Health Watchers, edited by Carlos A. Hernández (editor of Biomédica magazine) and designed by Johanna Morales, include an assortment of photographs that illustrate the changes in the institution and public health itself in Colombia. The printing was supported by the French Embassy in Colombia, within the framework of the Colombia-France Year.

By way of closure, the Secretary General of 4/72, Luis Carlos Ballén, presided over the protocol for postmarking the issuance of the INS centenary commemorative stamp. The piece shows a number 100 inside which are several photographs that illustrate the institute's evolution. Stamp emissions like this are made to keep transcendent characters or events at the national and international level in our memory.

 The book Vigilantes de la Salud can be downloaded here.


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